If you will, please imagine my surprise as I saw for the first time, on Tom Jenson’s Facebook page, a display of three E.B.E’s in his garage. At once I began to ask questions.  He was very happy to answer each one as fast as I tossed them in his direction. Tom explained that the EBE’s were a new item to the United States and that there were only about 12 of them in the USA.

Being a long time UFO Investigator with countless items from UFOlogy such as signed books, photos, models, cups, hats, Alien busts, etc……a full sized EBE is a must for the UFOlogist who has everything. I now have my EBE which will accompany me to all the meetings I attend or speak.  Everyone that sees the EBE is spellbound by the large black eyes as well as the fine details of the head, neck, face, body…..it is a great piece of art work. EBE stands without any help.  Very strong and will not move. 

Steve Hudgeons, Jnr
MUFON Director of Investigations
Host of… The Texas UFO Radio Show
Host of… The Official MUFON Radio Show

* * *

"I can say without any reservation that Zetan is the finest representation of a classic extraterrestrial gray that I have ever encountered in nearly 30 years of UFO research. Besides being an accurate representation of otherworldly beings reported by millions of UFO eyewitnesses, abductees and experiencers around the world, Zetan exudes personality--an ingredient sadly lacking in conventional alien models that have traditionally made their way on to the market. This includes ET models sculpted by UFO artists as well as models created by well known science fiction artists. In fact I have been so taken by Zetan that I have printed special business cards with Zetan's picture reading, "Have Alien, Will Travel," which I plan to use in my extensive contacts with celebrities and major news media. From here on in Zetan will be playing a starring role in my efforts to publicize full ET disclosure at press conferences and events held in the Big Apple and other cities in the United States. Your company is to be congratulated for manufacturing the right product at the right time--the ultimate alien. What more is left to say, but 'take me to your leader!'" 

Michael C. Luckman
Director, The New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research
Author, "Alien Rock: The Rock 'n Roll Extraterrestrial Research" (Simon and Schuster) read by Prince William, Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg and leading Hollywood celebrities
Founder, The Cosmic Majority - www.CosmicMajority.org

* * *

The Zetans have arrived at RoswellBooks.com and have been absolutely abducting all the attention and kudos lately. Our unearthly visitors will be featured guests at the 2nd Annual Border Zone UFO Festival that we have put together for October 18 & 19, 2013, in Presidio, Texas. To keep up with their participation in the conference, visit http://ufoborderzone.com. These incredibly life-like extraterrestrials will also be featured at our Del Rio UFO Conference in Del Rio, Texas in January 2014, the Out of this World UFO Conference in Edinburg, Texas in June 2014, the Laredo UFO Conference in Fall 2014, and several other events we are organizing. They will also be on exhibit at several public libraries in Texas very soon. Whenever the Zetans appear in public, we will have long lines of people waiting to have their photo taken with them. This makes for a wonderful memento and helps shift peoples' perspectives from the earthly to the unearthly.

In another development, the Zetans appeared with me during a video conference held on Sept. 15, 2013 for MUFON in San Jose, California. A standing-room only crowd of UFO enthusiasts saw me unveil these strange visitors during the videoconference.

In my many years as a UFO author, speaker, and researcher, I have never run across a better representation of the Greys than what Alan Groves has created. One would almost suspect that Alan has seen the real article and maybe talked one into posing for him???? I believe all UFO fans should acquire at least one of these wonderful figures. They are worth easily twice what the price tag is. Not only are they fully life-like, but they are intricately sculpted and beautifully rendered in every way. On many occasions, I've seen people walk into a room and be startled to see the Zetans, believing them to be alive.
Congratulations to Alan and Zetan.Net for the best "ET" product on the market today. I look forward to soon sharing photos of the Zetans appearances at our upcoming UFO conferences!

Noe Torres, Author / Publisher / Lecturer

* * *

The day I first saw one of the Zetan Alien I knew I had to have one. After I placed an order I was like a kid at Christmas time that had to wait until Christmas morning to come. The shipper contacted me and gave me the tracking numbers. I must have checked the tracking web site two times a day. The Trucking Co. contacted me for delivery in wait seemed to be a year, but really only a week.

I stood in my drive way waiting for the truck to show-up that morning. When the drive opened the door I could see it was in a very special shipping box. The box had all the information about the Alien on the exterior. What a great job the company did putting this alien together. It was very well packaged and easy to get out of the box.

The Zetan Alien, has one of the best paint jobs I’ve seen in sometime. I build UFO wood models and I don’t even paint this well.. He is now part of our family and keeps guard close to my front door. A good friend of mine also bought three of them and has them next to one of my Full Size UFO I built him….

Tom Jensen
UFO Model Maker
Barnesville, Minnesota, USA

* * *

Since arriving from whereabouts unknown Zetan has taken up residence in our rumpus room and does not appear likely to leave any time soon. This is despite my courageous five year old occasionally remarking "Zetan" is freakin' me out!". My ten year old, on the other hand, only occasionally has the crap scared out of him when he gets up from a long computer session only to find Zetan has mysteriously moved from his corner of the room and is now staring over said son's shoulder (what do you mean you think i moved him there).  The reactions from my son's visiting friends extend the full range from shock through to hilarity. Zetan especially enjoys dress up, and is often used to hold secret gifts from when I have been away for work. Given I work in a creative field, many of my friends have marveled at this beautifully realized sculpture. I can genuinely say the arrival of Zetan has meant fun for all the family ... okay, okay, except for my wife.

Ric McConaghy
Artist and Designer, Sydney, Australia

* * *

What an absolute delight it has been to introduce Al' (our Zetan Grey) into our home. The curious little fellow caught my eye at a garden expo, of all places. Most unexpected! My intention that day was to limit my spending and take home only a wealth of information. Once I had the chance to 'make contact' (sorry), on closer inspection I was so enthralled by the attention to detail and the character inherent in his features, there was no way I was going home without him. Al' is a very welcome addition to our home, he fits in wonderfully and I have become extremely fond of him. He makes a great contribution to the wacky and humour-tinged atmosphere of our personal environment. Our interactive photos with him have provided some intriguing entertainment for our friends and family, some of whom still haven't quite figured out just exactly what is going on. (One was completely convinced he was someone in costume.)

It is an absolute honour to have a representation of the extreme talent and skill of the wonderful Alan Groves (of Art Dinouveau) grace our home. The expression on our Al's face is nothing short of exquisite, with different viewing angles and lighting being enough to elicit the illusion of subtle changes. If I had to describe 'that look': something between bemused, intrigued and downright cheeky would be the most apt description. I love our little Grey friend. He's fun to have around (and far better behaved than our human residents).

Caroline 'Rusty' McDonald
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.