Alan Christopher Groves

Zetan is the creation of renowned sculptor and keen ufo hunter, Alan Groves.

Alan Christopher Groves was born in London in 1966. Cutting his teeth in London in the special effects and model-making industry, Alan ventured down under in 1999 and found a new niche living and working in the subtropical rainforest jungle at Mount Glorious in Queensland, Australia.

From an early age, Alan had a keen interest in dinosaurs, science fiction and ufology, the paranormal and cryptozoology. This interest was evident in his childhood hobbies of fantasy drawing and ceramics and would eventually lead him into an enviable creative career.

Leaving school, Alan aspired to be a creature effects and prosthetics artist in the film industry. After landing a position at Henson’s Creature Shop, he quickly honed his skills working on many big budget theatre productions, television programs and feature films. You may have seen Alan’s creations in Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia, Labyrinth, Red Dwarf, Moulin Rouge and many others. Alan also worked in pyrotechnics, animatronics, robotics and many other facets of film and television special effects throughout his career.

In 1990, Alan established a new company creating realistic, life-size dinosaur reconstructions - both fleshed and skeletal. This allowed him to explore his passion for the prehistoric. As a young boy, he had spent many days searching for ammonites, trilobites and other fossils on the shores of southern England. His dinosaurs soon found homes in many museums around Europe, the UK, Asia, the Middle East and in several major films and television documentaries.

 After leaving England in 1999, Alan came to Sydney and began work at Fox Studios before accepting a position in palaeo-reconstruction at the Australian Museum creating prehistoric models and dioramas for the Australia`s Lost Kingdoms exhibition and other regional museums. In 2001, Alan relocated to Queensland and established his own company, Art Dinouveau, to continue making dinosaurs and fine art and more recently, art-for-play sculptures for kids.

To see Alan’s latest creative endeavours, visit www.artdinouveau.com.