We hail from planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli galaxy. We have travelled far through time and space to mingle with humanity. We are your descendents. We come in peace. 

And we need a place to crash… 

Introducing Zetan - the ultra-realistic, life-size grey alien model designed and created by sculptor and self-confessed ‘believer’, Alan Groves. Following countless hours of research perusing de-classified reference material from Roswell and other such incidents, contactee reports and abduction accounts, Alan carefully recreated the likeness of one of the most famous and infamous alien species visiting Earth at this time – the Greys:

Alien Grey Headshot L.jpg Name:   Zetan Grey / World Peace Zetan Alien Gray Model.jpg
Description:   Life-size Alien Grey / Gray Model
Alien Genus:   Aliensus A Roswell Zeta Reticuli
Species:   Grey P45
Height:   1.37m, 137cm, 54"

  Planet Serpo, Zeta Reticuli 
Constellation of Reticulum

30 Light Years

Price:   AU$488 + postage

Zetan is a unique, high-quality collectors item available in a limited edition of 2012. It is constructed using fibreglass and reinforced with an internal steel armature. The model is hand-painted and finished and will satisfy even the most discerning paranormal collector.

The Zetan model stands 137cm or 54” high and weighs approximately 9 kilograms. It is freestanding and has a circular fibreglass base. Each model comes in its own recyclable EBE terrestrial transportation crate (i.e. a very cool printed cardboard box).

The Zetan have now landed in Australia, the United Kingdom and continental Europe and the USA. 

Be among the first in the world to own one of the limited edition Zetan models.  

Abduct your own alien, order Zetan now...



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